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Halo Franchise

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Franchise History




About the Halo Game




The video above will show you how the Halo Games are played. 








Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Official Trailer

By 343 Industries 








The Background of the Halo Series

The Halo Series first started off with Halo Combat evolved and was based on a planet (Well artificial planet shaped like a ring) where Humans are at war with a species called the Covenant who are on a Holy war to wipe out the heretics which are humans in this case. As you Progress through the series you learn new things about the Rings and their true purposes and who created them and the reasons for their creation. Unlike Normal Games where you have a series go from 1,2,3,4 and so forth with each game carrying on from its predecessor, The Halo Series jumps from one time to another where for example in Halo 3 you are at the end of the line and are taking out the Covenant to Halo Reach where it all began and almost at the start of the conflict of the interspecies war (Humans Vs Covenant). (2)







A Chronological breakdown of the life of the Halo franchise





Placing Halo within cultural development





  • The Halo games have had a huge impact on society as a whole. With the invention of Xbox Live, Microsoft made socialization key in online play.
  • Meeting with friends face to face to play video games is no longer the norm. Meeting with friends online to play Halo via Xbox live at your respective houses is way more convenient.
  • Friendships are formed over Halo, marriages are happening with the involvement of the Halo Franchise. 
  • There are six Halo Facebook fan pages, and more than 9 million people like Halo within those pages.


A Match Made in  Halo Heaven.







Halo Books

The Halo Movie

Halo Soundtracks

Halo Promotional Products 





Halo Represented at Comic-Con 







Halo Sales Figures


Year  Platform  Title 

Sales (Copies in Millions)


2001  Xbox  Halo: Combat Evolved  6.41 Million Copies
2004  Xbox/PC Halo 2  8.49 Million Copies 
2007  Xbox 360  Halo 3  11.64 Million Copies 
2009 Xbox 360 Halo Wars (Strategy) 2.20 Million Copies
2009  Xbox 360  Halo 3: ODST  6.09 Million Copies 
2010  Xbox 360  Halo Reach  9.26 Million Copies 
2012 Xbox 360  Halo 4  4.55 Million Copies 




Years Active


Platforms Games Total Copies Sold Total Revenue
11 Years Xbox/Xbox 360/PC Seven 48.64 Million Copies       3.38 Billion Dolllars






Halo- A Game Changer







 Halo: Combat Evolved


  • This was the first installment of the Halo franchise for the Xbox platform. Released in November, 2001. Bungie's Rated M epic game became extremely popular because of the high-quality graphics, levels, sound, and gameplay Halo: Combat Evolved was offering. This is the FPS genre, which stands for the First-person-shooter, which is the most popular genre in the video game industry today.
  • Halo's storyline sets in the year of 2552. It begins as Master Chief, the main character, who is part of the UNSC Pillars of Autumn organization gets attacked by spaceships aliens that want to destroy the human kind. Master Chief needs to destroy a weapon called Halo so Mankind would be saved.
  • The Gameplay included riding and controlling vehicles and spaceships, futuristic weapons. Enemy's Artificial Intelligence aka AI was advanced back in that time. the attention to details is impressive. Has 10 well-designed large levels. This game didn't have an online multi-player mode, only a single-player mode. 




Halo 2 


  • Released in 2007, This was the first sequal to Combat Evolved. Many players loved this game but few hated it. After the succesful lunch of the first Halo, Microsoft and bungie took that oppurtunity to go on and create Halo 2 which later sold about 8.5 million copies on Xbox and PC combined.
  • The plot for Halo 2 was the Elite organization joins the Humans to defeat the invading aliens and rather not destroy Halo weapon.
  • The gameplay had more weapons than the Halo1, more vehicles to control, two snipers, different graphic engine, also had an online-multiplayer mode which was the major selling point for Halo 2. 



Halo 3



  •   Released in 2007, Microsoft and Bungie wanted to benefit from a huge fan base from the first two Halo games. By far, this sequal made the Halo franchise special. 11.6 million copies were sold worldwide, which was the most out of all Halo games. It received excellent reviews from both critics and gamers. 
  • The plot of this game continues as Aliens continue to fight the human and trying to prevent them from destroying the Halo Rings.
  • The gameplay allowed players to edit and create levels in the game to play on/off line. It maintained everything that was good about Halo1 and 2. It also have brighter graphics, more weapons, better online match-making.



Halo 3: ODST


  • This game has a all new 4-way co-op online modes, all halo 3 maps including all of halo 3 maps, players could record their gameplay and  take screen shots. It also had a bungie.com online integration so the halo community can brag about their accomplishments online with other players. 
  • This was a popular game even though it was just an expansion of Halo 3. Six million copies were sold worldwide. 




Halo Reach



  • This is Microsoft's 5th attempt to revive the Halo franchise. Halo Reach grossed over $200 million dollars surpassing Halo 3's record of $170 million.
  • The plot of the story takes place weeks before Halo Combat Evolved, so this game is a prequel to it.
  • Gameplay was improved on the Xbox 360, it had 3D motion-sensor display, players can customize their character, larger maps for the multi-player mode. you can also download new maps from online store.
  • This was the Last game Bungie worked on a Halo game since they went independent. 



Halo 4



  • the game's plot is set 4 years after Halo 3, so its a direct sequel to it. this was released on November 8th of 2012 and already sol over 5 million copies worldwide. It was developed by 343 Studios and not Bungie. 
  • The includes huge maps for single-player mode and online mode.  The games still remains Rated M for mature audience of the age 17 & up. Also had 10 Missions to complete in the single player mode. This game had similar gameplay to Combat Evolved.



A video of parents being upset over video games











Halo- A Game Changer 





The Halo Survey





Halo Works Cited






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