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Books, Future

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What will the Future of Books Look Like?




Click on Google below to go to the Google Library Page



Click on the Cartoon below, to show a clip from NBC News on the future of Bookstores




The Future of Book Publishing...





Self Publish E-Books with many online sites


What will happen to the publishing industry?


Will publishers be around anymore?


Or will authors simply cut them out and sell directly to


e-book companies?




                                                                 This video provides an insider's view on the future of book publishing from the Library Roundtable                                                            




Can Libraries survive in the digital age?


Books are being pushed aside for digital learning centers and gaming areas. "Loud rooms" that promote public discourse and group projects are taking over the bookish quiet. Hipster staffers who blog, chat on Twitter and care little about the Dewey Decimal System are edging out old-school librarians.

And that's just the surface. By some accounts, the library system is undergoing a complete transformation that goes far beyond these image changes.

Authors, publishing houses, librarians and Web sites continue to fight Google's efforts to digitize the world's books and create the world's largest library online. Meanwhile, many real-world libraries are moving forward with the assumption that physical books will play a much-diminished or potentially nonexistent role in their efforts to educate the public.

Some books will still be around, they say, although many of those will be digital. But the goal of the library remains the same: To be a free place where people can access and share information.







The Iris Tablet...  A Transparent Tablet


The Iris Tablet PC is a transparent touch-pad. It uses wireless charging technology, can scan documents, translates texts and can work as an efficient navigator. Among the many cool features of the Fujitsu Iris are a speaker, a camera, a scanner, text translation, a sketch option, and navigation. When using the navigation function, the indication signs look like they are on the street and can help increase the accuracy of pedestrian navigation. The Iris also features a segmentation function that allows two people to simultaneously work on it, or divide the screen for two purposes.


                                                                                                     The Iris Tablet: A Tutorial into the Future





The future will bring...changes in how we learn.

Interactive textbooks are available now.

Will all schools go to digital textbooks? 






Google Glass is a development program by Google aimed at developing an augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD), (in Layman’s terms, this is a pair of glasses with internet connectivity and display). The intended purpose of Google Glass would be the hands-free displaying of information currently available to most smart-phone users, and allowing for interaction with the Internet via natural language voice commands. The physical appearance is a minimalist design consisting of an aluminium strip with 2 nose pads; the right “arm” is slightly thicker and extends over the top of the right eye. This is where the processing and display output of the glasses is located. Not surprisingly the operating system used in the glasses is Google’s own Android, this seems to me, to make the “Glass” perhaps a little more user friendly than most expect. This advance may, in the future, lead to the refinement of the Android operating system, improving greatly on its voice command software. Up till now the project remains in development, however developer versions are selectively available at the rather steep price of 1,500 USD (or 12,305 ZAR). It is rumoured that the project is set for commercial release in 2013; however no quarter date has been announced.



The Google Glasses.

Email, talk, text and read on the go.

Voice Commanded.



A Spoof on the new Google Glasses.

Look out for that pole!



Books Will Hopefully Always remain as a Consistant form of Mass Media. How Tangable Books will be... That is for the Future to Decide!






Books Group

The Google Library Project 


Modern Publishing 


The Book Business 


The E-Book 








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