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Television Group

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Television: One of The Biggest Storytelling Mediums


Television is one of the biggest storytelling mediums that we have had and continues to be till this very day. Following books radio, and film, the television set has resonated with many throughout its 50+ years in its existence in many households not only in the United States but also around the world. Many feared that the television would eliminate people's desire to read books., go to the movies and/or listen to the radio, all are still around. Television now is dealing with its own identity issue as the internet is gaining more and more viewers not only out of convenience but also less advertising and  monthly subscription payments all in which television and cable companies are very reliant on for producing(financing) and distributing programming content. 



      ii. Technology

        a. Inventors

        b. Innovations Towards the television 

      ii. Business

         a. The Big Three

         b.Companies/Mergers/Affiliate Stations

         c. Financing 

      iii. Politics  

          a. FCC Regulations

          b. Rules  

      iv. Social

          a. News Coverage on Events 

          b. Bringing Families Together



           i. Technology

             a. Television Sets are Present Now

             b. Third Screens/Video Streaming 

             c. TV Formats/Types

          ii. Current Business Model

             a. Viewership Statistics

             b. Reality Television

          iii. Social Impact

            a. Television and Social Media            

            b. How TV Has Altered our Perception of the Real World 



             i. Technology

                a.  Innovations in Technology That Are Slated to Happen

            ii. Business

                 a. Possible Change in Business Model (What the Experts Say Will Happen) 

            iii. Our Predictions

                 a. What We Want to See Happen







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