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Music Group

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The Music Industry or The Music Business are the way people refer to all of the companies/artists that are involved with the recording, preforming, distribution, copyright protection, marketing, and promotion of music. The companies that are in charge of the more bureaucratic and business elements of music generally are the ones making the most money. Here is a list of all parties involved of the music industry:


  •      People who preform the music, whether they are individuals or in a music production group

  •      Record Labels Companies that record music which they then sell.
  •      Booking agents or Promoters who schedule the live performances of the band.
  •      Talent agents who take care of the musicians and the musicians' best interests.
  •      Radio stations that broadcast the music.
  •      Lawyers who protect established copyrights.
  •      Lobbyists who are in charge of influencing laws that are in the music industry's favor.  





  1. Previous Music Industry Business
  2. Timeline of Technology in the Music Industry 
  4. Music's Reflection on Society






  1. Current Music Industry Technology Model
  2. Current Music Industry Business Model
  3. New Forms of Record Labels
  4. Politics




  1. New Technology
  2. Effect of the Internet on the Music Industry 
  3. Business 














  1. How do you obtain music to listen to? Stream, digital purchase, physical purchase, or download? Explain why you download if you do, or why you don’t if you do not illegally download.

  2. Is the emergence of the internet going to help or hurt musical artists’ careers? Support your reasoning. 

  3. Has the internet changed your taste in music? If so, how has it changed what you listen to.

  4. How should music industry deal with illegal downloading and file sharing? Or should they be the ones making changes to their own structures?

  5. What do you think the future business model for music will be?




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Comments (9)

John Anderl said

at 4:19 pm on Sep 24, 2012

Interesting choice... I am not sure you will want to start with the structural breakdown of Tech, Business, Political, and Social as your tier 1 breakdown. It might be easier to unfold the chronology and address the events of the 4 categories as they appear in the context of history. It will be odd in your presentation to do the history, present, future tech... hen go back and do a past, present, future of business, etc.

Nice work tho so far, but I just wanted to mention this now before you get to far into this structure.

John Anderl said

at 1:02 pm on Sep 28, 2012

Nice guys! Keep it up. Be sure you are mindful of the diigo.com req's... all these graphics are sources that someone can use in their diigo.com library. Also, be sure to keep the source material archived so when you work on citations you can find the appropriate information. This looks like a better layout for structuring your content. Last thing... Try to create a bit more clarity between past and present. It is a blurry line, but there is a clear story related to the history and kind of the current state of the industry.

Andrew Schumacher said

at 8:24 pm on Oct 8, 2012

I like the changes that have been put in. I am going to do a bunch of work on this tomorrow

Andrew Schumacher said

at 7:53 pm on Oct 12, 2012

Lets start citing sources, and making everything aesthetically pleasing. I am starting to get the present section up to its final form

Andrew Schumacher said

at 7:55 pm on Oct 12, 2012

We need to look at how Television is doing things. Or should I say how Ashley K is doing things. She seems to have done a lot of that wiki

Stephanie Christensen said

at 2:17 pm on Oct 15, 2012

good job you guys! you seemed very knowledgable about the music industry and you have a lot of content on your wiki

Andrew Schumacher said

at 3:33 pm on Oct 18, 2012

On 19/10/12 we are going to cite everything currently uploaded and work on establishing out format and content to previously created pages

Ashley K. said

at 11:49 am on Oct 26, 2012

hey music group I found this article on sound recording methods along with a restored verison which was made by Thomas Edison and the clip links are the oldest playable recording of an American voice and the first-ever capturing of music from flimsey tinfoil to a digital archive to play on the computer. I think this could be cool to add to your wiki


ryanosterbauer said

at 8:25 am on Nov 19, 2012

Nice page, made my top three!

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